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1. Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP Service Pack 2 and higher with the necessary prerequisites
  • Necessary prerequisites:  Windows Installer 3.1 and higher, .NET framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and higher –  in case of the absence,  prerequisites will be downloaded by the program automatically
  • RAM 256 MB and more
  • Sufficient space on the hard disc

2. Downloading the Play Sudoku Game

Fill in necessary data (your e-mail address inserted when you made the order and a licence key) on webpage: http://www.playsudoku.eu/orders/download and by selecting the possibility “Download” start software downloading.


Your data needed for downloading the game and link where you can get the game you will find in the e-mail confirming successful payment.

3. Program Installation

In directory of the downloaded find a file called „Play Sudoku Installer“.  Start the program by double click on the left mouse button and confirm the start by “OK” button.

start the installation

Wait until the process started by the installer will be processed.

Starting the installation

After that select “Install” to start the program installation.


After the successful installation the application will place the icon on the computer screen and at the same time, it starts the initial start up of Play Sudoku. Wait until the program will be fully loaded.  

Loading the program

Select menu and enjoy the game!

Enjoy the game

If installation process fails and the installer reports error, try to run the installer again and repeat intallation process. If you try this solution several times and installation does not work, please contact us using our contact form and we will contact you regarding this problem.

4. Prerequisites Automatic Installation

If you have the older operating system version Windows XP or Windows Vista, installer of the Play Sudoku program will offer you the interface installation .NET Framework 3.5 necessary for right functioning of the Play Sudoku application.


You allow the installation by clicking on „Accept“.

Install .NET Framework

Wait until the interface installation is finished .NET Framework 3.5, it might take several minutes.

Completing the installation .NET Framework

After the successful installation you will be offered to restart the computer. Select “Yes!”

After restarting follow the instructions stated in the chapter “3. Program Installation”.

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